Jon's Client Testimonials

Here's just a small selection of the comments that Jon has received from his clients over the years.

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Jon is an extremely good communicator and I felt confident that he understood my needs. He did not have the attitude that others have had in regard to my lack of understanding or knowledge. I appreciated the sense of humour. I am very happy, the quality of the advice has yet to be seen but I am much happier that somebody with more understanding than myself has an eye on my small pot. Christine


Jon gives advice in a very concise and energetic manner, but is happy to persist in explaining technical issues in ways that are fully understandable to the layman. He will also provide progress reports on pending matters without being prompted thus saving busy clients time. John, Kent


Jon is particularly good at explaining investments in laymen's terms and also very good with written summaries of discussions. All conversations, both face to face and by phone are very thorough and helpful. All correspondence is extremely clear and all the support staff are very efficient. Various options were considered and explained and I was able to make informed decisions based on advice given. John


Jon is very patient especially as my knowledge is very basic. Spent time establishing my goals and the level of risk I was prepared to take. Very efficient in researching and giving a detailed report. Respected and acknowledged my ethical views when investments were chosen. Communicated the findings clearly and calmly. Always available for questions. Fiona


May I thank you for your help in purchasing my annuity, particularly to Jon French for all the time he put in during the purchase. DM


I was looking for IFA to provide me ethical financial advise for my pension and portfolio. Jon was superb.  He conducted a detailed review of my current financial position and understood my requirements/objectives.  He came back to me with a professional report explaining the reasons for his recommendations and how I would benefit.  He assisted me meet my goal of wanting an ethical pension provider. AW


Approaching  retirement  and  not sure  how  to process to ensure  I got the best from my AVC pension pot. Jon understood  my needs  and  fears! He  was  able to answer  my many questions  and guided  me to ask ones  I had  not  even considered. He  was  very patient and  encouraging. He  gave  clear  and appropriate  advice. LS


I searched for Financial Advisers in our area and came upon Jon French, with his offices not far from where I live and thus approached him for assistance. Firstly, Jon gave us some quality time during our first meeting to determine our needs and to walk us through the complexities of retirement planning. I quickly realized that there is a potential minefield out there and that these issues were above my pay-grade. At the end of our first meeting I sighed a sigh of relief - feeling that we have found a bloke that knows this particular field and I liked his whole approach. Secondly, Jon took us through the initial "at retirement advice" stage and thereafter into the "wealth management service". Jon clearly determined our preferences in various aspects through questionnaires and thus determined our specific needs. His investigations were detailed and in depth and his feedback and written reports were comprehensive, clear and appropriate with very specific options for our consideration. I quickly realized that I would never have been able to do this on my own. Not only did I find a financial adviser (that I needed) but also a person we got along with very well and whose style we liked. In the "wealth management" phase, we decided upon the income draw-down approach and Jon assisted us in choosing a product provider and the particular product (combination of different investment funds) - having considered risks, ethical considerations, tax issues and pension death benefits. We have reached the point now that the product provider has already taken over the pension pot from Standard Life, paid out our requested lump-sum portion, and invested in the recommended funds. Our monthly pension payments will commence within a few days. Have I seen the outcome I was hoping for ? For sure !! - and more. The best part of it all is peace of mind. D VDM