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Financial Planning always starts with establishing your income against your expenditure. We recommend that clients download this Budget Planner onto Excel to complete to help analyse personal income vs. expenditure:

Budget Planner (Excel download)

Biblical Principles of Financial Planning (ACFA)

This page also provides downloadable generic guidance on various relevant financial planning topics. For this reason we call these documents "Fact Files". Click on the relevant topic below and you will be able to view first and then print-off the appropriate Fact File or our latest Newsletter:

Fact-Files: Newsletters:         
Annuity Options AWFM March 2011 Newsletter 360 
Auto Enrolment AWFM May 2011 Newsletter 360
Calculating Tax Credits - case study AWFM Aug 2011 Newsletter 360
Cars AWFM Dec 2011 Newsletter 360
Cash is king AWFM Jan 2012 Newsletter 360
Coping with death AWFM Apr 2012 Newsletter 360
Credit Rating AWFM July 2012 Newsletter 360
Director or Partner Shareholder Protection Insurance AWFM Oct 2012 Newsletter 360
Discretionary Trusts
AWFM Dec 2012 Newsletter 360
Ethical Investing
AWFM April 2013 Newsletter 360 
Investing for Children
AWFM July 2013 Newsletter 360
KIIDs (Key Investor Information Documents)
AWFM Oct 2013 Newsletter 360 
Lasting Power of Attorney AWFM Dec 2013 Newsletter 360 
Life & Health Insurance AWFM April 2014 Newsletter 360
Long Term Care Reforms AWFM July 2014 Newsletter 360
NEST & Other State Pension issues AWFM Dec 2014 Newsletter 360
Pension Death Benefits - Dec 2015 AWFM April 2015 Newsletter 360
Pension Lifetime Allowance AWFM July 2015 Newsletter 360
Pension Options At Retirement - Sep 2015 AWFM Dec 2015 Newsletter 360
Revised Income Drawdown - Jul 2015 AWFM April 2016 Newsletter 360
State Pensions Explained AWFM July 2016 Newsletter 360
Sunset & Share Class Conversions - Dec 2015 AWFM Dec 2016 Newsletter 360
Understanding Risk AWFM April 2017 Newsletter 360
VAT on IFA services - Sep 2014  
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